The Ontario Prayer Breakfast is an annual opportunity for the Christian community to gather together to support our Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and City Councillors in prayer. This is done with the presence of over 800 individuals at an early morning breakfast who join in a “Prayer for Leadership” led by a guest from the Christian community.

Each year we invite the participation of the leaders of the Liberal, New Democratic and Progressive Conservative Parties and the Mayor to read a portion of Scripture. A special musical guest is invited annually to add another element of inspiration and blessing. We are very happy to welcome individuals of all faiths and walks of life. As a community of Christ-centered believers, it is our goal to nurture a Christ–like attitude in our greetings, table conversation and formal program. This is the Ontario Prayer Breakfast. We are hopeful that you will feel welcome and compelled to attend as a visible demonstration of your faith and support for our government leaders.

Board of Directors

Special thanks to the individuals below who volunteer their time to ensure this event takes place each year. The Board would like to express their appreciation to Caldwell Securities Ltd. for their generous hosting of our meetings and their ongoing support of the Ontario Prayer Breakfast.

  • Neil MacCarthy, Chair
  • Alana Walker Carpenter, Vice Chair
  • Houston Cheng, Treasurer
  • Marie-Astrid Dubant
  • Brenda Hodgson
  • Rev. William Ingram
  • Chris Vacher
  • Deani Van Pelt
  • Gina Waugh
  • Admin Assistant/Non-Board member: Sharon Roberts